3 tips for recruitment agencies...


As already mentioned, a collection of information from the end client is essential in ensuring compliance with the agency workers regulations. We believe recruitment agencies should consider these three tips in preparation;

1) Think about processes and people
It is important you start thinking about how you would administer the additional information needed to remain compliant with the agency workers regulations (AWR). Those agencies that start planning now will be in a better position to adapt to the regulations.

We would recommend conducting a risk assessment; analysing how many of your candidates will fall within the scope of the agency worker regulations. You can book a workshop with Danbro who will help formulate a water tight risk assessment procedure with you. Book your workshop!

2) Educate clients today
The transfer of information from client to agency and in some cases service provider is essential. Agents will have to request for comparable information, so having the end client on side, fully educated and up to date with the AWR will make things a lot easier when the regulations are implemented.

3) Use this website
Ensure that you look out for updates on our site. You will also be able to gain an insight through case studies and industry commentary.

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