Merit Software offers complete AWR compliant solutions


Merit Software offers complete AWR compliant solutions Merit Software are the market leader in Payroll and Billing solutions for recruitment agencies and complete end to end solutions for umbrella companies. With the advent of the AWR, Merit have improved and upgraded their entire product range to offer their clients a full-featured AWR package.

Mike Arran MD of Merit Software said "It's certainly been a massive project for us to test and release such a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to be compliant with the AWR but thanks to our team of highly qualified developers and project managers we've come up with the goods on time and on spec." The Merit AWR package offers everything a company needs for tracking and compliance with the AWR, with the emphasis on ease of use and automation of tasks.

"The introduction of the AWR has been a major headache for our customers" said Mike "but our solution has meant that whether you are a recruitment agency or running an umbrella company our solution takes all the effort out of tracking your workforce and complying with the legislation". In addition to the AWR package, Merit Software are also offering an optional Swedish Derogation Module as part of their catalogue of add-ons which include scanning and document management systems, online timesheet and expense tracking systems and interfaces to all major front-office and Accountancy packages. Mike added; "We've been adding new products to our range since 1996 to keep us at the head of the market and our tailored approach has meant that merit has simply gone from strength to strength".

If you are interested in finding out more about Merit's range of recruitment and umbrella products a free demonstration can be arranged anytime by contacting Merit Software on 0845 8386 111 or emailing

Details of the products for recruitment agencies are available at and details of umbrella software systems from Merit are at

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